About Jill

Jill Fischer is a heart-centered hypnotherapist and energy coach. She is an incredible healer and inspiring teacher of intuition and the power of the mind.

She guides people into their ‘WOW’

~ back on track and into a life they love.

She is highly intuitive using her gifts to focus on areas of concern. Passing along new important messages with empowering viewpoints to live and heal, Jill brings a grounded, compassionate presence to individual and training sessions.

Jill Fischer has worked well over a decade treating thousands of  people who struggle with anxiety, chronic health, weight and sleep issues. They’ve tried western medicine, alternative therapies, counselling, prescription drugs, yoga, meditation... nothing’s worked and they’re feeling hopeless. That’s where Jill comes in. 

Jill’s skill set for the deepest healing is made to be a fun and energizing process called The Fischer Formula. She helps people heal themselves so they feel empowered, healthier, calmer, lighter and happier than they’ve ever felt before.

Live your best life. AND MORE!!

The e-Rescue Remedy Formula

The e-Rescue Remedy Formula is a unique blend of Hypnotherapy, NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) and Subconscious Energy Releases.

Healing your subconscious energy allows you to succeed effortlessly. Your brain finds harmony and your body returns to its natural healthy state. In this state energy moves, circulation is stimulated, anxiety and disease no longer exist as the mind/body heals itself.

Jill tests your energy while you are in a deep relaxed state (hypnosis) bringing subconscious limitations to the surface. This state of awarenesses allows your body to heal. The body follows what the mind focuses on.

Using e-Rescue Remedy your mind will operate from an empowered perspective.

Conditions That Respond Well to the e-Rescue Remedy Formula

• addictions, phobias, bad habits

• allergies, eczema

• anxiety, depression, stress

• headaches, migraines

• menstrual difficulties

• pregnancy, conception, post pardum depression

• hormonal balance, pain control

• business coaching, goal achievement

• self sabotage

• weight and body issues

• concussions, brain injury, trauma

• sleep, bed wetting, learning disorders

• relationship issues

Benefits of a Session:

Sessions are designed to restore harmony and balance in body, mind and spirit for ultimate emotional and physical wellness.

Before and After Your Session

Before Your Session

• Journal and write down the patterns you notice

• Drink plenty of purified water (at least 1 Litre daily)

• Eat nutritional foods

• Refrain from alcohol or smoking marijuana as best you can

Day of Your Session

• Plan your day with extra space. You’ll be processing for the next 24-48 hours - up to a week, so be gentle with yourself as emotions can be felt more deeply - that is part of the healing process.

• Eat lightly and stay hydrated as your body will need energy to recalibrate.

• Continue with your current medication treatment plans. (This is not a replacement for medical health care.) Consult your medical doctor to reduce doses.

After Your Session

Enjoy your week and notice any changes in your mood, feelings, energy, memories, thoughts, behaviour, reactions, etc. Journal and write down what you observe.

Similar to spring cleaning, a room gets messier and more cluttered during the process of cleaning, which later resolves itself into an organized room. In the same way, some conditions/symptoms take months or years to develop all their “clutter,” and they will not be resolved overnight with one session.  You have started the process of cleaning out your physical and emotional body by bringing all the clutter and junk out into the open, but more healing is necessary to process and eliminate the things that no longer suit you. 


This work is deep and subtle. By observing yourself, you have more power in owning your successes - which creates more success! 


Have a sea salt bath to help toxicity to continue to come out of your body.

Sleep well - this is the best time for your body to process and your cells to heal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will a session be like?

The first part of the session is designed for your left brain to have practical, logical steps to bring into your daily life. The second half is designed for your right brain to create a sense of relaxation by visualizing meaningful mental images

What can I expect?

Sessions are usually one or two hours long, depending on your topic and suggestibility level. The sessions are designed to always leave you in a state of peace and harmony.

Will I lose control?

Contrary to how hypnosis is sometimes portrayed in entertainment, movies or television, you don’t lose control over your behavior while under hypnosis. Also, you generally remain aware of and remember what happens during the session.

How many sessions should I have?

Depending on your topic and suggestibility level, the number of sessions varies. Phobias, smoking, nail biting, tend to be 1 to 3 sessions. Whereas anxiety, weight, relationship issues and business goal achievement usually take 6 or more sessions to accomplish.

What is the success rate of hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis has a better success rate than any other type of therapy. In 1970 a groundbreaking meta-analysis of hypnosis research studies was conducted by Alfred A. Barrios, which led to the mainstream acceptance of hypnosis as an extremely effective form of therapy. Barrios compared 1,018 studies and articles on hypnosis, 899 articles on psychoanalytic therapy, and 355 on behavioural therapy. In particular, he noted the overall lasting success rates of the different therapies. He found that hypnotherapy had a massive 93% success rate after only 6 sessions compared to only a 72% success rate with behavioral therapy (after 22 sessions on average), and only 38% success rate with psychotherapy (after an average of 600 sessions). This led him to conclude that for changing habits, thought patterns, and actual behaviour hypnosis was not only the most effective method but that it needed less time / sessions than any other type of therapy.



"After insomnia and anxiety for years now I can sleep through the night! The sessions were amazing. Thank you Jill for uncovering my subconscious so I can sleep. I've stopped taking Ativan as well - that's huge!"

• Stephanie, Richmond, BC


“Since I started working with Jill, my level of anxiety has dropped by 80-90%. It left me free to focus on things that are important and get a lot more productive in things that matter.”

• Oksana Irwin, Calgary, AB


“I just SAW my son. Like SAW him!!! He hasn’t been this alive in over 3 years. He is so happy and revived. Amazing! Well done Jill.”

• Linda Mallard, Owner of Tsawwassen Wellness Centre, Tsawwassen, BC


“Jill Fischer has the ability to calm your nerves, see through you, dig deep, and bring out the best you available, all while preparing you to become so much more. Her compassion, skill, and experience combine to make her that tool and coach you need. I loved working with her and can’t praise her too highly....."

• Dr. Dorothy A Martin-Neville, New York, USA (online session)

Moving Forward:

Jill’s genuine warmth, understanding, and professionalism were ideal for me to allow myself the freedom to first feel comfortable exploring uncomfortable things, then feel safe enough to really let go and release what I needed to so that I could move forward. Jill is ideally suited for her work and I highly recommend her.”

• Dr. Greg Driedger, Chiropractor, Calgary, AB

Limiting Beliefs:

"She is an incredible healer, who comes from pure love & is committed to people having amazing lives. If any of you out there want to release limiting beliefs and have breakthroughs in your lives, go see Jill. This was my first experience with this kind of healing, and I am still blown away by all that I got from it. Jill, I love you. Thank you for your stand for humanity. ♥”

• Anat Stapleton, Mortgage Broker, Calgary, AB

Weight Loss:

“I lost 20 lbs overnight! And I no longer have to wear my knee brace! I asked the doctor to weigh me three times - I couldn’t believe it. Thank you so much Jill!”

• Kim Inouye, Tsawwassen, BC

“I've lost 15 pounds just listening to Jill's Weight Control audio. I go to sleep with it every night. Thanks Jill!”

• Devon White, Edmonton, AB


“Jill helped me quit smoking in just one two-hour session! I really didn't expect these results and I am thrilled that I was able to leave this habit behind after working with Jill. I will be saving money every month, not to mention my health so her small fee for this service was well worth it.”

• Julie Sullivan, Baltimore, Maryland, USA